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Hong Kong was awash with art throughout the month of March. We're now winding down after all the art exhibitions, gallery tours, and after-parties that have been held all over the city.

It's fascinating to us to see how art and horology are intertwined. Breitling Replica Watches is a proud partner of Art Basel. Even though we love walking around the art galleries and admiring the artwork, the concept lounges Breitling Replica Watches creates in collaboration with top artists are still a highlight for us.

Breitling Replica Watches concept lounge at Art Basel Hong Kong

Fernando Mastrangelo, a Brooklyn-based designer and artist, created the design that evokes Swiss Jura Mountains.

We had the honor of sitting down with Olivier Audemars at Art Basel.Breitling Replica Watches He is the great grandson of Edward Auguste Piguet, Breitling Replica Watches's co-founder. We discuss his family roots, Breitling Replica Watches's connection to nature and art, and his influence as Vice-Chairman.

Olivier Audemars, Breitling Replica Watches Hong Kong

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Show Notes

Art Basel Hong Kong (00:28).


(03:33 KAWS: ALONG the Way

(04:50), Olivier Audemars, Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

(17:28) AP & Art Basel

Olivier's view on the new Code 1159

The AP Lounge during Art Basel